What is Flash Point?

We’re just a site that gives you the latest SEO news around the web. Sharing info and other mumbo jumbos to rank your sites. Something like that.

Are your strategies considered White Hat?

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as a successful White Hat page on Google. Except if you are targeting super low competition keywords like ‘sh*tting bunnies facebook wallpaper”. Every one of them have their own strategies of their own. We can consider ourselves as Gray Hat. Yin yang. Balance is the key. Flow like water.

Can I send some questions to you?

Yep. Definitely. We want to build a different relationship here on our site. Just click on the ‘Contact Us’ button on the menu and you’re good to go.

My site’s ranking is going down, what should i do?

There are many causes of these events. We suggest that you use tools like Google Webmaster and Analytics. Also Screaming Frog tool which tells you info about your site, like broken links, oversized images and so on. Produce great content!